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Stay connected

to your team and customers

User Benefits

The TernioSwitch mobile app allows your agents to stay connected to your customers, as well as your company’s entire team seamlessly from anywhere. Countless industries have found the TernioSwitch to be an invaluable tool.  Some of these verticals include healthcare, financial services, retail and insurance.

Same Credentials

Agents use their current FIve9 username and password.

Inbound & Outbound

Agent, skills based, or direct dial.

Transfers​ & ​Conference

Both Cold and Warm transfers or conference calls.


Agents can select dispositions and add notes on the go.

Harness Your Analytic Tools

Now use the data that is collected from your mobile users for any CRMs & Analytic Tools that are currently integrated with your Five9 business unit.

Support Tickets​

Support tickets and Feedback generated directly from the TernioSwitch.

Multiple Devices

Works on Android & iOS mobile devices as well as iPads, Tablets and Chromebooks.

Live Chat

Stay connected while handling multiple contacts at one time


Can be setup once your business unit has been implemented.

Admin Features

Admins now have these powerful new tools at their disposal.


Ability to add one or more agents to the TernioSwitch with a click of a button.


 Allows supervisors from their PCs to monitor, barge and coach while their mobile agents are anywhere in the world


Ability to add or remove Admin access for your team ​directly from the TernioSwitch dashboard.

Demo Videos

Watch the demo videos and see how simple and intuitive the TernioSwitch really is.

App Pricing

Simple and Economical

$30/registered user per month

With a one time $3000 setup fee per business unit.

Enterprise pricing upon request

Some FAQ’s

What do I need to do to start using the TernioSwitch?

The first thing that you need to do is have a Five9  business unit. Tell your Account Manager that you want your team to start using the TernioSwitch mobile solution. They will make arrangements to have that implemented immediately. If you have any questions, or would like a live demo, reach out to us at sales9@ternio.com anytime.

Once my company is setup, how easy is it to add agents to the TernioSwitch?

You add your agents to the TernioSwitch at anytime with the click of a button. Here’s how it works:

Whoever is setup as your company Admin will go to the TernioSwitch dashboard where they will find the “Add Users” section in the menu. From there they add as many agents as they want at the click of a button.  Then your agents just go to the App Store on their mobile device and download the TernioSwitch app. They login to the app using their Five9 credentials.  It’s that simple!

Why should I not use Battery Save Mode on my mobile device?

The App needs to remain active and not be forced into the background.  PowerSave mode moves apps to the background and will eventually turn them off. Since the TernioSwitch needs to stay active and connected, the PowerSave mode, or any mode that puts apps into a sleep mode, should not be used.

How much battery and data does the TernioSwitch use?

Our test results showed minimal DATA usage @ just 2-3MB over an 8 hours period.

The tests also showed moderate BATTERY usage @ roughly 35% over the same 8 hour period. (Note that the performance of each device will differ)

What if there is a feature we need on the TernioSwitch that is currently not there?

We will be continually adding new features to the TernioSwitch.   Please reach out to us and let us know what new features would be an added value for you. 

Call us at 800-429-9277 and just mention that you would like to see a specific feature added to the TernioSwitch.  If we have multiple requests for a specific feature we will move it up the development pipeline.

How is our data handled on your servers?

to That’s a great question.  Security is our top priority and the TernioSwitch mobile app uses 256-AES encryption- the strongest and most robust encryption standard that is commercially available today.

For those interested in even more granular detail, please click on the GDPR link at the bottom of the website as well as our Security White paper found there as well.

For additional questions always call us at 800-429-9277 or email us at support@ternio.com.

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